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Automatic watches never go out of fashion. Unlike a battery-powered or quartz watch, an automatic watch is designed to last long. With its automatic winding movement, an automatic watch can help you manage your day better and smarter.

Seiko is one of the leading automatic watch brands in India. Seiko automatic watches are precise, durable, and stylish. They aren’t just great in quality but also innovative and smart. These watches come in a range of great designs, layered with Seiko's proprietary technology.


The quality of Seiko automatic watches is a testament to Seiko’s watchmaking expertise of over 140 years. These are manufactured from top-quality materials like stainless steel which makes the watches both durable and lightweight. Seiko automatic watches use sapphire glass, hardlex crystal, etc. for better clarity and resistance against scratches. They are also water-resistant. Known for their longevity, they are highly popular for their quality and durability.


  • Wide Range: Seiko automatic watches are available in a great range of model series. Seiko 5 Sports features a great collection of simple, reliable, and affordable automatic matches with great features. They are lightweight and elegant. Seiko Presage is known for designs that go perfectly with formal wear. Seiko Prospex is for those who are looking for go-to watches that are perfect for casual and daily use.
  • Self-winding technology: Seiko automatic watches work on an automatic winding mechanism. They harness kinetic energy from the natural motion of your hand. There is no need for manual winding.
  • Manual-winding capacity: Although the watches are automatic, some Seiko automatic watches come with manual winding as well to make the experience even richer for you. It makes the watch versatile and allows it to act as a 2-in-1 watch. Before purchasing your Seiko automatic watch, do check if it has the manual winding capacity or not because not every Seiko automatic watch has this feature.
  • Stop-seconds hand function: Many Seiko automatic watches are equipped with a stop-seconds halt mechanism. This mechanism helps you stop the movement at your will by simply pulling the crown out. It proves to be highly effective for synchronization. You can set the time as per your reference time.  It is one of the most common features that you can find in a lot of wristwatches.
  • Day and date display: One of the great things about Seiko automatic watches is that they have a day and date display on the dial. It doesn’t only add more attractiveness to your watch but also makes it versatile and more effective.
  • Power reserve display: Along with the day-date display, these automatic watches feature a power reserve display that shows the amount of remaining stored energy. In simple words, it helps you know how much longer your watch will function when it is not worn on your wrist.
  • Stainless-steel case and durable straps: Seiko automatic watches come with a durable stainless-steel case that is PVD coated with different eye-catching colors. The straps come in different variations. They are ergonomically designed to feel light and comfortable on your skin.
  • Anti-reflective coating: Automatic watches by Seiko come with an anti-reflective coating to reduce the reflection off the lens. This makes them more versatile in different lighting. They hardly glare and reflect almost zero light so that you can easily watch time even under bright sunlight.
  • Water resistant: Seiko automatic watches are highly water-resistant. They come with different levels of water resistance, ranging from 5 ATM to 60 ATMs. The higher the resistance level, the more water resistant the Seiko watches are.
  • Scratch resistant: Seiko automatic watches are scratch resistant and it is simply because they use high-quality sapphire glass or hardlex crystals. Due to this, Seiko automatic watches can withstand rough and tough conditions. They can easily last you several years. However, if you want more durability, always choose sapphire over hardlex because sapphire glass is comparatively stronger and more scratch-resistant than hardlex.

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  • What Is an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch is a mechanical timepiece that winds its mainspring on its own as the wearer moves their wrist normally, eliminating the need for human winding if the watch is worn frequently. A metal weighted half-disc known as a rotor that rotates as the component is pressed is utilized to produce the energy needed to cause the weighted arm to vibrate. There is no need to repeatedly wound your watch.

  • Do Automatic Watches Require Manual Winding?

An automatic watch still needs to be wound manually. Although wearing it causes it to wind itself naturally because of the user's movements, removing it from your wrist will cause it to stop working after a predetermined period. Additionally, compared to ordinary watches, manually wound timepieces often have a larger power reserve.

  • How Does an Automatic Watch Work?

Let's say you wear your fully charged automatic watch around town. The movements of the wrist stimulate the rotor which then charges the mainspring, the watch's powerhouse. The mainspring energy is then transferred to the escapement via the gear train wheels. The escapement then sends incremental impulses to the balance wheel, the timekeeping element of the watch. The oscillations of the balance wheel are maintained by the escapement. Remember, each turn of the balance wheel releases only one tooth of the escape wheel, the rest of the wheel is held by the headstock, preventing the wheels from turning.

Each revolution of the balance wheel moves the wheels of the gear train, thus moving the hands of the clock. At this point in the process, the energy is still coming from the mainspring. And of course, if you constantly wear your mechanical watch, it stays on!

  • How Reliable are Automatic Watches?

Both mechanical watches wound by hand and automatic timepieces are extremely accurate and dependable. However, in theory, an automatic watch worn frequently on the wrist tends to have a constant level of accuracy since its mechanism is wound by the movement of the wrist and thus, always remains wound when worn continuously.

The degree of accuracy of a watch is dependent on many factors, including the degree of winding of its mainspring. But as was already noted, this is only one of several factors that go into determining a watch's dependability. That encompasses countless other factors, such as temperature, magnetism, and even the environment in which the clock is being used.

  • Can Automatic Watches Last Forever? How Long Will an Automatic Watch Last?

Yes, an automatic watch can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Automatic watches work with the movement of your arm, so they don't need batteries. It also depends on how you take care of your watch. Bumps, bumps, falls, magnets, etc. they should be avoided, for greater longevity. 

An automatic watch should never be wound manually. It is good practice to gently charge the watch 25 to 35 times a day. But if you wear the automatic watch, don't wind it manually. Let the natural movement of your hand work for the watch and be sure to store it in a dry place when you are not wearing it. 

In conclusion, follow the mentioned ways to take care of your automatic watch and it will last forever and you should be able to pass it on to the next generation.

  • Can an Automatic Watch Be Repaired? How Often Should an Automatic Watch Be Serviced?

We all know that an automatic watch is a designed watch. Its mechanism is fundamental because it makes the watch work in its most optimal state. However, like machines, watches tend to wear out. This is normal and you have the option to repair it or buy a new one, but with a proper watch maintenance interval, it can be avoided. 

Automatic watch maintenance is required to extend the life of your movement, ensuring it can continue to work year after year. Since an automatic watch doesn't run on batteries, we expect its rotor to eventually stop, or maybe it won't run as well as it did when it was still new. Therefore, the key to making it last longer is a proper watch maintenance interval or routine maintenance.

Ideally, it should be every five years or when the watch no longer works well. Regular maintenance of your watch gives you peace of mind that you will never damage a watch. The process allows the watchmaker to change oils, replace or repair worn parts, and make sure everything is working as it should.

  • Is It Possible to Overwind an Automatic Watch?

No. It’s not possible to overwind it. If the watch has full power, the rotor inside the timepiece will simply stop spinning. Automatic watches are designed to stop powering the mainspring when it can't be wound anymore. It's not possible to over-wind an automatic timepiece.

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